AMS provides an excellent environment for my son to learn an instrument and I have enjoyed watching my son have fun while learning piano. The teaching methods are creative and clever, and extremely effective in keeping him engaged for 60 minutes. Thank you for a terrific program.


AMS is an amazing music school which I can highly recommend! I am very happy with my children’s progress in piano playing & musicality and I believe the course curriculum is a well targeted format for children.


My daughter has been attending classes at AMS for 4 years. Her enjoyment in music has been borne from AMS classes and her ability to play, sing and enjoy music has, and continues to be, developed in a fun way that does not always feel like learning! Not only that, it is a really lovely bunch of teachers and community that we have become a part of.


I think AMS is a great education in music. It engenders the love of music and will give my daughter the knowledge she needs to find her voice and choose her instrument(s). The class environment is good for maximising participation and fun: it is a far cry from the kind of lonely individual piano lessons I remember as a kid.