I have been teaching at AMS for 20 years and I absolutely love it. Having learnt in the traditional Russian piano method myself, I cannot believe how much I missed out on in my own musical upbringing.

It wasn’t until my ninth year of teaching that my 4 year-old son Thomas started at AMS. I knew how much I loved to teach the courses, but suddenly I realised that here was to be the proof in the pudding: will I be as convinced as a parent? Well, I became more convinced than ever. Thomas is now 15 and the skills his musical skills far surpass what I could do at his age.

The thing I love about AMS is that it’s not just about piano teaching; it’s about creating well-rounded musicians who will enjoy music for life. As a teacher and a parent, what more could one ask for?

Samantha Coates , Pianist, AMS teacher and author of the highly successful BLITZBOOKS for music theory.