I just wanted to say thank you and well done for the Eisteddfod on Sunday.
I enrolled my daughter to try to build her confidence, as she is very reluctant to talk, play or sing in front of people. I was a little unsure whether Maddy would actually get up on the day, but Miss Elisha did great work with the class in the weeks leading up to the Eisteddfod to build all the childrens confidence.
We were wonderfully surprised by Madelyn when she got up on the stage, gave a huge smile, sang the song, and finished with a lovely confident curtsey. That in itself made my husband and I so proud, and then for her to be placed 2nd in her group was just amazing!
We are hoping this whole experience has helped Madelyn and shown her, even if you’re nervous, if you give something a go you may be surprised by the results.