Welcome to 2021!

We hope you’ve had a wonderful break and are ready to get going with lots of great music.

This year, more than ever, we are determined to have a FANTASTIC year and run all of our beloved AMS events. Depending on how things fluctuate, some events may look a little different to what we’ve done in the past – but – the show will go on and we’re committed to exploring new options and NOT CANCELLING ANYTHING. So get ready to sing, play, perform and create your way through a brilliant year at AMS. Our return date is WEDNESDAY JANUARY 27 for all group and private lessons. (Some of our new classes may start a little later so please check those dates individually.)

COVID Restrictions: At the time of writing, we are pleased to say that parents of JUNIOR COURSE students are able to return to class! We’ll send an email a week before commencement to confirm all the details, but right now we’re looking forward to welcoming parents of Preschoolers, Junior 1 and select K-2 classes back into our classrooms. Of course, we’ll still be sanitizing and distancing.
ALL ADULTS and children over the age of 12 are required to scan in before entering our premises. Our QR code is linked directly to Services NSW and is essential for the wellbeing of all.
A CODED LOCK is being installed on the Frances St Gate at our Randwick location - this means that ALL CLASSES regardless of time of day can enter via Frances St. YAY! More info coming via email.

CONGRATULATIONS!! We had some OUTSTANDING student results last year. They are now on the website, so have a look!

We are enrolling for our NEW classes right now!
2 & 3 year olds:
4 year olds:
Kindy & Year 1 beginners:
Year 2,3,4 & 5 beginners:
We’ll also be starting NEW adult classes – just email us for the details.
Our big event for term 1 is the AMS VOCAL EISTEDDFOD - SUNDAY MARCH 28. This will be run within social distancing guidelines and if need be, will be moved to an outdoor venue. The show will go on!

The Vocal Eisteddfod is open to all students from Junior 2 onwards and is a wonderful opportunity to focus on pitch, breathing, posture & presentation in solo singing. We will begin learning NEW set songs in class soon and a booking link will be sent to all eligible classes.
The SING & PLAY section is a highlight of this event! Extension, Spectrum & Advanced students - start getting your free choice song organised now! (All students will have the opportunity to perform piano solos in the AMS Piano Eisteddfod later in the year).

Term 1 fees for classes are now past due – and private lesson invoices have been sent. Please note that whilst we aim for ‘in person’ lessons, there may be times when lessons are conducted on ZOOM. Logging in on zoom is our standard procedure for times of additional restrictions, or when a student is unwell or unable to attend a lesson for any reason. Zoom codes will be provided. No credits or refunds are able to be given for lessons missed.
Creative Kids Vouchers are now closed for term 1 accounts but we will happily process your voucher and apply it to your term 2 invoice. To apply to your term 2 account, please email your vouchers details to before March 1. All vouchers received after this date will be eligible for use in term 3. (We will send you a reminder a week before term 2 vouchers are due)

We have limited availability for NEW private lessons for JUNIOR PLUS and EXTENSION course students. Private lessons hone piano technique and prepare students for all Eisteddfods and Piano Exams. Send us an email or give us a call for the details.

Having trouble accompanying your child to class? A parent or regular carer is required as part of our Junior Course. We realise that this can be tricky to organise around parent’s work and family schedules. We can help! We have a list of long term, responsible AMS High Schoolers who can be the regular ‘carer’ for your child in class for a minimal fee. If you’re interested in this, either short or long term, please give us a call and we’ll connect you with the right helper. 9314 7282.

A reminder that the AMS YOUTUBE CHANNEL is a fantastic resource! You can search for any of the pieces in Junior Super Starter & Junior Plus – it is a wonderful help at home. Have a look!
We often take PHOTOS at AMS events and we love to share them with you! We sometimes put them in our newsletter, on our website, on the AMS Instagram feed or the AMS Facebook page. We know that many of you are ‘followers’ and enjoy seeing our happy snaps. If you’d ever like to opt out, please get in touch.

We had an amazing ‘POLYPHONIC REUNION’ at the end of last year - our ‘AMS Big Kids’ returned for pizza and a catch up. It was great to see them and find out what they’re all up to! Quite a few of them are now AMS teachers – we are so proud.

To help our term run smoothly, please remember:
No FOOD or DRINK in classrooms and Please switch your phone off before you come into class.
Please also remember that we have a 'no sibling' policy and only the child enrolled in the class lesson is to be inside the classroom - we cannot accommodate any extra children in class. Please speak to the office if this is a problem & we’ll help you sort it out.
Wishing you a wonderful term!

Best regards, AMS Staff.