I have recommended AMS to friends of ours who are keen for their children to commence music lessons. AMS classes are very well thought out and the teachers are superb in keeping the children’s attention and relating to them in a very personable way. The children respond extremely well to the lessons that are introduced in a fun, encouraging environment. They are learning so much without even being aware of it!!


I just wanted to say thank you and well done for the Eisteddfod on Sunday.
I enrolled my daughter to try to build her confidence, as she is very reluctant to talk, play or sing in front of people. I was a little unsure whether Maddy would actually get up on the day, but Miss Elisha did great work with the class in the weeks leading up to the Eisteddfod to build all the childrens confidence.
We were wonderfully surprised by Madelyn when she got up on the stage, gave a huge smile, sang the song, and finished with a lovely confident curtsey. That in itself made my husband and I so proud, and then for her to be placed 2nd in her group was just amazing!
We are hoping this whole experience has helped Madelyn and shown her, even if you’re nervous, if you give something a go you may be surprised by the results.


I would like to share my experience that AMS makes the student a very well rounded musician as it encompasses all aspects of music. It develops performance, aural, reading, vocal, theory, musicianship, composition and improvisation skills in a fun and exciting way. It’s experiential and it’s alive, the music at AMS. There is opportunity for solo, duet and ensemble music making as well as concerts, eisteddfods and camps etc, all of which my children loved. The talented teachers impart a love of music to their studetns and after a few years one begins to feel party of the AMS family. These music lessons were a hightlight of my childrens’ week and wehen they outgrew them they felt that their week was not complete. Even I, as a mum miss the times at AMS now that they are all grown up!


My kids were fortunate to grow up with AMS. If only I were so lucky. Their grasp of music theory and piano was achieved in a fun and enjoyable atmosphere where they actually thought they went along for a good time. Little did they know that effortlessly, they were absorbing wonderful life skills, love of music and technical proficiency that will be with them for years to come. Whether they use this knowledge in a career in music or not, the experience has been invaluable.

Guy Gross , film composer