AMS has taught my daughter to enjoy music with her fingers, ears and voice.
Always while having fun!! Thanks to all the wonderful teachers and staff.


A recent party…. “My 7 year old daughter invited all the girls in her class to her ‘Music party’ and every one of them was completely engaged throughout the afternoon! They loved all the activities and then had a ball on the playground equipment right outside!”
Thanks & Kind regard

Lara Fortmann,

I sit in on my daughter’s lessons (she is 8 and is in Super Starter 2) and I love the way you teach them. Not only to play a piece but listening skills, understanding rhythm, fine music appreciation and reading the musical notes. it’s very thorough and your format really dials in with the best way kids learn at that age. Please pass this along to relevant people so that they know what a wonderful job AMS does in bringing music to and enriching the lives of it’s pupils.

All the best


Hello Michelle,

Without wanting to appear hopelessly proud-motherish I had to let you know that Jack graduated from the Con on Friday with first class honours and the University Medal. He majored in Composition and has won a full scholarship to the Royal College of Music in London to complete his Masters. The reason for this email is to acknowledge the magnificent start given to Jack by AMS. Your music program does more than present your students with the nuts and bolts of a music education – it engenders a real love and passion, as well as being the best fun!
I hope your family is well and that AMS goes from strength to strength.

Thanks again and kind regards,

Cathy Symonds,