Welcome to term 2 – we hope you are having a wonderful break!

It’s CONCERT TIME! AMS Concerts are June 2 at NORTH’S Auditorium and all AMS families have been sent an email with specific concert details for each class. Tickets are on sale now. PLEASE check your email (including your junk folder) and let us know if you have not received this very important information.

The AMS Concerts are the ‘soccer grand final’ for your AMS class - please prioritise this event!

AMS Audio files – new password! Please contact our office for the new password. or 9314 7282.  Over the holidays we’ll be adding the concert item tracks so you’ll be ready to go at the start of term! If you receive an error message when accessing the files, please clear your cache and try again. Apparently, this is a common problem and quite simple to fix – however, unfortunately it’s not something we can fix from our end!

Congratulations to our gorgeous performers from term 1. The AMS Vocal Eisteddfod was a big day with lots of beautiful singing! There are some lovely photos as well as the results on our Website & Facebook page.

Congratulations to our students who sat Written Theory Exams at the end of term 1. Some wonderful results – even a few with 100%!

Congratulations Grace - Each term the AMS staff select a student for the AMS Scholarship based on their dedication & enthusiasm. Our term 2 Scholarship recipient is Grace Walsh. Grace has been an AMS student for many years. She is now in year 9 and is now in class with Miss Chiara at Randwick. Grace recently completed all 20 levels of the AMS Sight Reading Society and successfully passed the final test – and got to open the treasure box! She is now a lifetime member of SRS.

CLASSES – for Children & Adults! Our Adult classes are a fantastic way to ‘keep up’ with your child – or maybe even stay a step ahead! We have a few spots available in classes this term – have a look at the ‘Classes’ page of our website & give us a call in the office for details.

 PRIVATE LESSONS – a few spaces are available for students in Junior Plus and Extension classes. Private lessons are an important addition to class to fulfil exam and eisteddfod requirements. Please reply to this email for further details.

 AMS PIANO EXAMS - our mid-year June session is reserved for ‘class level’ exams – so if you are in Junior 4, Super Starter 2, Junior Plus 2 or Extension 2, this is the session for you! Teachers will be speaking about this in class at the start of term and all preparation will take place in class (with plenty of practice at home!) We will email all eligible classes a booking link early in the term.  Please email your teacher or the office for more information regarding exams.


Creative Kids Voucher – Hooray we are a Creative Kids provider! Term 2 fees have already been invoiced (and are now due) therefore vouchers are unable to be applied to term 2 fees. If you would like to use your voucher for term 3, please email it to us with your child’s date of birth and name (the version you used to apply for the voucher) and we’ll be happy to apply it. Closing date for term 3 vouchers is June 17.

Congratulations to Miss Samantha who went on a whirlwind tour of the USA & UK during term 1. Samantha was speaking to piano teachers at various conferences and launching the new Blitzbooks ‘Rote Repertoire’ Series!


Congratulations to Mr Remi who has been engaged as a presenter at the ‘DAYTiME’ conferences in Sydney, Perth & Melbourne. Remi is speaking about technology in the classroom. Watch this space for a music tech session especially for AMS students later in the year!

Congratulations and Welcome Back Miss Elisha! Elisha and John welcomed gorgeous little Peter at the start of term 1 and we are thrilled to be welcoming Elisha back to class in term 2.

Thank you to the wonderful parents who email to tell us good news – it’s so nice for us to get your feedback! Here’s a lovely email we received recently from the Mum of a Kindy student in one of Miss Lindi’s Junior classes:

‘I honestly attribute so much of his success in being able to cope in kindergarten to you.  The opportunity to attend such an incredibly structured, stimulating, fast moving lesson with him last year has made such a difference to his development.  You expected so much from them and they totally rose to meet your expectations. I honestly believe that he has this opportunity largely from the skills and growth that we gained from your lessons.  You’ve done something remarkable for him.  You’re an absolute diamond of a teacher.  Thank you!!’

Wishing you a great term – see you at our concerts!

AMS staff.

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