Term 2 Newsletter

Welcome to term 2! What strange times we are in. We hope you are all well and ready for another great term of music.

Thanks to all who tuned in for our BONUS HOLIDAY SESSIONS - What fun! We had 100 bookings (we capped it at 100) for Miss Lindi’s Preschool session and up to 50 in sessions for other age groups with Miss Elisha and Miss Michelle. We hope they helped keep you entertained at home.

We are running some NEW CLASSES for all age groups! All online, all in 5 week blocks and starting NEXT WEEK. Info on our Facebook and Instagram as well as on the ‘Classes’ page of our website: If you’ve always wanted to play the piano now’s your chance to get started - a short course and no long term commitment. If you’ve got preschoolers it’s an ideal time to get them going from the comfort of home!

This term we are thinking in 5 week blocks. All lessons in weeks 1-5 will take place ONLINE. We are hoping that weeks 6-10 will take place face to face but we are waiting and watching and will update as we go along.

AMS EVENTS – sadly we’ve had to pull the plug on our fabulous June Concerts. We have not made a final decision regarding AMS Camp (July) yet but will do so in the next week or 2 and let you know. Our VOCAL EISTEDDFOD will definitely be on later in the year and the PIANO EISTEDDFOD is scheduled for September as usual.

PIANO EXAMS – at this point, AMS GRADE EXAMS (preliminary onwards) are to go on as planned in AUGUST. End of term 2 AMS COURSE EXAMS (Junior, Junior Plus, Extension) are dependent on our situation in weeks 6-10, so more info as it comes to hand.

Thanks for your ongoing support and encouragement! It’s wonderful to have enthusiastic families and wonderful students to come back to. We really appreciate you.

Wishing you a great term,



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